Announcement: Traditional Imperial Gold Jewelry

Traditionally, gold has been seen as a symbol of rank. And, in most of the ancient societies the use of gold and its possession was restricted to only high class society members. From Sumerian graves to Egyptian civilization gold was the symbol of royal class people. Royalty were buried along with imperial gold jewelries and ornaments in Sumerian graves whereas the Pharaohs of the Egypt owned all the gold. Likewise, gold was the means for reinforcing the institution of leadership during the Bronze Age in Western Europe.

There were severe restrictions on wearing imperial gold jewelry in the early Roman era. In those times, even high ranking officials and families were allowed to own only a limited quantity of gold. Likewise, the use of gold was restricted only to Church relics in the early Christian era. People were not allowed to own these imperial gold jewelries at those times. Clement of Alexandria in the late second century AD, however, explains that these rules were exceptional to women who had to adorn themselves in order to please their chaste husbands.

The restriction of use of imperial gold jewelry to wealthier and noble ones in Europe was made possible in the 14th century sumptuary laws. There was provision of rewarding gold chains to those people who have been providing loyal service to royal courts during the Middle Age to till 18th century.

In the Inca Civilization gold was often related to the solar deity ‘Inti’. The supply of gold among the Incas was controlled by their ruler. At those times, the widespread trade of gold was forbidden. However, gold was often distributed by the imperial ruler to those nobles who had demonstrated bravery during the battle or had been loyal to the service. Gold ear flares were worn by wives of distinguished people among the Incas to show their rank. The Asante in Africa controlled the gold resources in Africa from 1700 to 1900. The gold jewelry was only made available to royal families and senior officials. At that time, gold dust was used as currency. Similarly, the Asante king collected tax on gold items and ornaments that were recast each year.

How to sell gold-Important Knowledge

How to sell gold-Important Knowledge – How to sell gold? There are many choices online. Since gold buying and selling is a growing business, hundreds of highly established companies are waiting to buy and new dealers are coming up each day. It is important to verify which of these companies are real and not trying to scam you. You must know the current price of gold which is quite easily obtained from the newspapers on a daily basis. When you sell gold, legitimate companies pay you 96% of the current spot value but if your volume is huge you can get 98%. On their website there is a chart which will show you how much they will pay accordingly, based on the gold Karats. You can call up the phone number mentioned on the website and get the shipping details. Most of the companies have great customer service and pay you the best price compared to small time gold dealers.

How to sell gold depends entirely on what sort or form of gold you have. If your gold is in the form of bars, biscuits or coins they are very easily sold. Dealers or private buyers will pay you just below the current rate immediately in cash. Selling privately might fetch you more because dealers are businessmen and hope to make a quick buck themselves. Timing is everything while selling gold, when you sell gold through online auction sites it entirely depends on the gold price shooting up or coming down. Usually selling via auction tends to give you a good price. When you sell gold bullion always remember to go through a reputed dealer, besides the price their system of payment will be better. Consult and verify with a number of dealers before making a decision.

How to sell gold already in jewelry form is again another matter. When gold is created into jewelry a lot of mixtures and alloys are used to harden and join the pieces. This is done in order to create intricate designs. In such cases it would be advisable to know exactly how much gold and what Karat value is present on your jewelry pieces before selling. This will help you in setting a price and avoid being cheated.