Traditional Imperial Gold Jewelry

Traditionally, gold has been seen as a symbol of rank. And, in most of the ancient societies the use of gold and its possession was restricted to only high class society members. From Sumerian graves to Egyptian civilization gold was the symbol of royal class people. Royalty were buried along with imperial gold jewelries and ornaments in Sumerian graves whereas the Pharaohs of the Egypt owned all the gold. Likewise, gold was the means for reinforcing the institution of leadership during the Bronze Age in Western Europe.

There were severe restrictions on wearing imperial gold jewelry in the early Roman era. In those times, even high ranking officials and families were allowed to own only a limited quantity of gold. Likewise, the use of gold was restricted only to Church relics in the early Christian era. People were not allowed to own these imperial gold jewelries at those times. Clement of Alexandria in the late second century AD, however, explains that these rules were exceptional to women who had to adorn themselves in order to please their chaste husbands.

The restriction of use of imperial gold jewelry to wealthier and noble ones in Europe was made possible in the 14th century sumptuary laws. There was provision of rewarding gold chains to those people who have been providing loyal service to royal courts during the Middle Age to till 18th century.

In the Inca Civilization gold was often related to the solar deity ‘Inti’. The supply of gold among the Incas was controlled by their ruler. At those times, the widespread trade of gold was forbidden. However, gold was often distributed by the imperial ruler to those nobles who had demonstrated bravery during the battle or had been loyal to the service. Gold ear flares were worn by wives of distinguished people among the Incas to show their rank. The Asante in Africa controlled the gold resources in Africa from 1700 to 1900. The gold jewelry was only made available to royal families and senior officials. At that time, gold dust was used as currency. Similarly, the Asante king collected tax on gold items and ornaments that were recast each year.

Hand-designed Gemstone Jewelry – Garnet Gold Jewelry

Globalization in economy has made it possible for all of us to access products designed in one corner of the world from another corner. If you go on a jewelry store in the United States, you can still have great varieties of hand-crafted silver and gold gemstone jewelry that are designed in Indian villages by artisans.

Indian artisans are known all over the world for their unique craftsmanship. Since proprietors selling garnet gold jewelry or any kind of hand-designed gemstone jewelry purchase directly from Indian artisans and craftsman, the costs due to middleman is less so you can easily buy handcrafted gold jewelry at affordable prices. Moreover, the proprietors making purchase from Indian artisans often make other social contributions to the people of India. Some companies make social contribution like opening English schools for poor children in Indian villages.

Garnet gold jewelries from Indian artisans are often decorated with 92.5 sterling silver and 24-karat gold pieces. They are available in silk or satin pouch. Some of the unique pieces of handcrafted jewelries are:

  1. Elegant and simple earrings with large oval rainbow moonstone: It has contrasting purple amethyst in sterling silver setting. It can be worn with matching necklace or alone.
  2. Amethyst hoop chandelier earrings: It has seven bezel-cut purple amethysts that hand from lightweight silver hoop. The eight amethyst dangles in the middle of the loop.
  3. Apatite and garnet bracelets: Apatite and garnet stones are strung in sterling silver to make a long bracelet.
  4. Black onyx rings: Stunning and charming black onyx stones are placed in gold or sterling silver setting to make these rings. Anyone gets lured into purchasing it due to its craftsmanship.
  5. Rose quartz, carnelian and labrodite earring and necklace: The combination is beautiful due to the intense color of stones used. They are usually set in sterling silver settings and the necklace is eight inches long whereas earrings are three inches long.

Besides the beauty these garnet gold jewelries impart, the stones are often known to have powerful healing properties. Amethyst is thought to help calming your mind and promoting deeper understanding. Likewise, apatite is known for its inspirational quality. Black tourmaline enhances the neutrality and clarity in thought. Also, it is believed to encourage positive attitude. Garnet is, on the other hand, known to revitalize, purify and balance body energies. Garnet is known for love and devotion. So, garnet gold jewelry forms a perfect piece of love for your beloved. And, handcrafted garnet gold jewelries are probably the best pieces of gift for your lover this year’s Valentine’s Day.