Traditional Imperial Gold Jewelry

Traditionally, gold has been seen as a symbol of rank. And, in most of the ancient societies the use of gold and its possession was restricted to only high class society members. From Sumerian graves to Egyptian civilization gold was the symbol of royal class people. Royalty were buried along with imperial gold jewelries and ornaments in Sumerian graves whereas the Pharaohs of the Egypt owned all the gold. Likewise, gold was the means for reinforcing the institution of leadership during the Bronze Age in Western Europe.

There were severe restrictions on wearing imperial gold jewelry in the early Roman era. In those times, even high ranking officials and families were allowed to own only a limited quantity of gold. Likewise, the use of gold was restricted only to Church relics in the early Christian era. People were not allowed to own these imperial gold jewelries at those times. Clement of Alexandria in the late second century AD, however, explains that these rules were exceptional to women who had to adorn themselves in order to please their chaste husbands.

The restriction of use of imperial gold jewelry to wealthier and noble ones in Europe was made possible in the 14th century sumptuary laws. There was provision of rewarding gold chains to those people who have been providing loyal service to royal courts during the Middle Age to till 18th century.

In the Inca Civilization gold was often related to the solar deity ‘Inti’. The supply of gold among the Incas was controlled by their ruler. At those times, the widespread trade of gold was forbidden. However, gold was often distributed by the imperial ruler to those nobles who had demonstrated bravery during the battle or had been loyal to the service. Gold ear flares were worn by wives of distinguished people among the Incas to show their rank. The Asante in Africa controlled the gold resources in Africa from 1700 to 1900. The gold jewelry was only made available to royal families and senior officials. At that time, gold dust was used as currency. Similarly, the Asante king collected tax on gold items and ornaments that were recast each year.

Where Can I Buy Imperial Gold Jewelry

Gold has been considered as valuable metal which signified rank and power in historic times. The use of gold was limited to the royal class people in many historic eras. In Egyptian time, they used to take gold as the symbol of royal class and the royal palace members used to be buried along with gold jewelries. The Roman era also has the similar kind of history. Use of imperial gold jewelry was limited to few high class people. Normal people were restricted to own gold jewelries. Throughout the past the imperial gold jewelry has been limited to few high class people with rank and power. However, this is not the case in modern day; you can also hold these classy imperial gold Jewelries if you can afford. When you think of buying some pieces, you may wonder where to find the authentic imperial gold jewelry online.

These days, the online jewelry selling sites may even contain special area for imperial gold jewelry. The big online superstore sites like Amazon and QVC also sell imperial gold jewelries in the jewelry section of their site.

Another best option to acquire these classic jewelries may be the eBay. It hosts many auctions with some of the great deals on imperial gold items. You will see many interesting designs of these royal jewelries on eBay auctions. While bidding on the eBay auctions, it is better to go through the details carefully before actually placing the bid. You can grab some of the coolest deals listed by the trusted sellers in eBay. also provides details on imperial gold jewelry suppliers. However, some of the suppliers may not want to supply you single piece of jewelry. They only supply in bulk quantities. But you can find many such suppliers who actually sell single pieces too. You can contact them directly and acquire the necessary information besides the one they have mentioned on the site. It may be a good idea to have a look at the company profile so that you get the clear understanding of what types of jewelries they actually supply.

There are lots of other sites which sell imperial gold jewelry. No matter where you plan to buy these imperial jewelries from, always remember to spend a little bit of time researching the site so that you end up with the genuine imperial gold jewelry.